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Lithium Battery Recycling Equipment

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This Lithium recycling solution is designed for the efficient and environmentally friendly processing of various lithium batteries, including soft package, cellphone battery and cylindrical types.


  cylindrical (18650)                          soft shell batteries                     Aluminum shell batteries


Based on the application, lithium batteries can be classified by their internal materials into several types:

LiNiMnCoO2, (NMC) batteries, known for their balanced properties;

LiNiCoAlO2, (NCA) batteries, favored for high-performance uses;

LiFePO4, (LFP) batteries, renowned for safety and longevity;

and LiMn2O4, (LMO) batteries, known for their safety and cost-effectiveness.


The machine's advanced technology ensures the recovery of valuable materials like graphite powder, lithium, aluminum, and copper, promoting sustainable manufacturing practices.


Technical Specifications

• Models available for varying capacities.



Process Capacity

Rated Power

Area Requirements


Li-Re 500

0.5 t/hour


500 sq.m


Li-Re 1000

1 t/hour


550 sq.m


Li-Re 2000

2 t/hour


650 sq.m


Features and Benefits:

• Capacity: 500-2000kg/h, catering to different scales of recycling needs.

• Utilizes an eco-friendly physical separation process, Achieves over 98% separation efficiency.

• Minimizing waste and maximizing resource recovery.


•Including a complete set of equipment, from EV battery pack disassembly, to safe discharge, and battery material recycling equipment.



• The technological process involves discharging, shredding, crusher, grinding, and separation. with a focus on safety and environmental protection.Ensures minimal dust emission and operates under negative pressure for a clean processing environment.